A promise to make it the best. Ever.

We promise to fill your minds as well.
Kerala has a mindset that energises and sparkles all educated and sophisticated human minds – and most of all the best of minds in healthcare. 
In 2021, Kerala again tops the UN developed Human Development Index among the Indian States with a score of 0.782, according to Global Data Lab.
The Kerala model of development is characterised by results showing strong social indicators when compared to the rest of the country such as high literacy and life expectancy rates, highly improved access to healthcare, and low infant mortality and birth rates. Despite having a lower per capita income, the state is sometimes compared to developed countries.
Being a healthcare professional, you must understand Kerala in depth. IOACON 2024 is a great opportunity. 
Please vote for Thiruvananthapuram for IOACON 2024. Nothing else will fill your mind like Kerala can. 

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