A promise to make it the best. Ever.

We promise to work our fingers to the bone, to make it the best event ever.
We believe that the Thiruvananthapuram IOACON 2024 can never be our event; it will be your event.
The best ideas make the best event. And we are open to source the best idea from every fellow orthopaedic in India. Your ideas and our efforts will go a long way to make it the best event ever. Let’s do it together.
The best events also have the best natural ecosystems. At Thiruvananthapuram, you will never be held up in a traffic jam on the road on your way to the IOACON conference. The Thiruvananthapuram airport is a stone throw away. You have the best of resorts and hotels in India to choose from to make your stay as memorable as the best of your holiday. And you have the best of venues available in India as the conference venue.
And most of all, we promise to work our hearts out to give our fellow Orthopaedics the best conference they could ever dream about.
Please vote for Thiruvananthapuram. We promise you that IOACON 2024 will be the best ever.


Trivandrum celebrates progressiveness.

Trivandrum is the southernmost city of India and the capital of Kerala, famously known to the world as God’s own country. Trivandrum is one of the greenest cities in India and celebrates a peaceful environment. Home to the first and the largest IT park in India, the city is the epicentre of Kerala’s progressive ideas and culture. The highest literacy among Indian states, the highest rating on the Human Development Index which is better than that of many developed nations and the great achievements in healthcare can be a point of interest to all progressive minds. Trivandrum will be the best possible venue IOACON will ever have from whichever perspective you look at the city.

IOACON 2024 Vision.

Kerala’s vision for IOACON 2024 is very simple. It is as simple as it can be. It must be the most memorable orthopaedic conference that has ever been conducted in India, from whichever perspective an orthopaedic looks at it. The sessions must stimulate the brains and lead orthopaedics as a practice into the future. The programmes should strengthen the bonds of camaraderie within the fraternity in the most progressive and friendly manner. The event must help each and every participant to keep a piece of the unity and diversity of India for a lifetime and must attain the strength of character to pass it down to the next generation. When you are here, every seeker of progress must be influenced by the progressive ideas, thoughts and experiments of Kerala as a society. Every seeker of peace and tranquility must be blessed with the wonder of nature that blossoms in every nook and cranny of Kerala as a piece of India. Every dreamer must dream new dreams of things that can change and shape humanity for the better. Every healthcare professional must be an ambassador for a healthy lifestyle that the society can emulate. Every one of us must have at least one thought in our event to embrace humanity as we embrace our children. To be honest and truthful to our bones, our idea of IACON is as simple as simplicity itself: It is to look beyond. To look beyond the ordinary. And to see beyond the yonder.


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